Who is Creativity Coaching for? Everyone.

It’s for people who don’t currently have a creative practice in their life but WANT it, people who DO but feel stuck or want to deepen their practice, and people who are creating and are now ready to take their work out into the world.

Creativity Coaching is for everyone, because creativity is for everyone.

I offer private or group creativity and art business coaching. I work with you on topics such as dealing with artist blocks, getting to a creative space, and finding deeper meaning in your art process, as well as building your art business.

To set up an appointment, contact Jacqui.

Each session is tailored specifically to the client, and involves exploring the nature of what is working and not working in your creative life. Following this is an opportunity to work out ways to untangle the creative knots and move forward with your own type of expression.

I have over 10 years of coaching experience and, as a practicing artist, my understanding of the creative process is personal, not theoretical.

I absolutely love coaching and teaching. It’s a creative form for me. I have worked with people who have moved from a place of true “stuckness” into a place of exciting expression.