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Jacqui’s article, A Creative Approach was published in The New Palette Magazine, Issue #66. This is a fantastic art magazine that focuses on how to make art.

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Jacqui’s article, Which came first, the painting or the meaning? was published in The Palette Magazine, Issue 58, June-July 2016. This is a fantastic art magazine that’s edited by Skip Lawrence and Christopher Schink.

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Where's My Book: A Guide for Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Youth, Their Parents, & Everyone Else
by Linda Gromko, MD
The book features Jacqui's artwork both on the cover and throughout the book.
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"Decorating the Ordinary"  16x20;  acrylic & mixed media

"Decorating the Ordinary"  16x20;  acrylic & mixed media

"Crocodile King"  31x26;  acrylic & mixed media 

"Crocodile King"  31x26;  acrylic & mixed media 

AcrylicWorks 2: The Best of Acrylic Painting
Available through Northlight Books and

AcrylicWorks 2 includes Jacqui's painting Decorating the Ordinary, an abstracted piece about the beauty of simple and functional parts of life, and Crocodile King, part of a series of animal totem protectors, and representative of the fierce strength we need in our lives for ourselves and those who love us.

"Getting Started"  19x24;  acrylic & mixed media

"Getting Started"  19x24;  acrylic & mixed media

AcrylicWorks 3: Celebrating Texture
Available through Northlight Books and

"Painting for me is like a dance, an interactive process. I take the lead but also respond to what the painting tells me. For this painting I started without a plan, creating a ground of color and visual textures using colored pencils, watercolor crayons and scratching tools. Once I had a complex multilayered ground, I began to discover and create the figures and shapes by negative painting around them using a warm white. I added more texture by scribbling into the surface as I painted around the forms, keeping it from looking too flat and contrived.

"The painting Getting Started, one of my Animal Totem series, depicts the tortoise and the hare at the beginning of their race. It represents possibility. At this point we don't know what will happen but are fairly sure we can predict the outcome. I love the twist in this story where the obvious doesn't happen."

Jacqui's article "A Metaphor for Life," Artist's Magazine September 2007. Available through Northlight Books.