Jacqui’s enthusiasm for painting and her attention to the individual is outstanding. She is eager to share her knowledge and in a generous manner. I can definitely say that I highly recommend her and will look forward to working with her again.
— Imelda Gregov, Workshop Chair, Seattle Co-Arts
There are several qualities that make Jacqui a great teacher. The first is her love of art itself and her ability to inspire a similar enthusiasm in others. The second is her ability to teach both the ‘theory’ of good painting technique and the art of painting itself. The third is her capacity to work with students at varying levels of skills and, almost effortlessly, guide each toward a new level of development. For these reasons, and for the sheer pleasure of being around her and her painting, I highly recommend Jacqui as a teacher.
— Dianne Grob, student
As a professional artist, working primarily in printmaking for the past several years and most recently in painting, I took Jacqui’s week long acrylic painting workshop in order to gain knowledge about incorporating texture into my art through collage and to learn techniques to enhance my work. I found her many faceted approach to mixed media painting inspirational and practical. Additionally, she is not afraid to challenge students and cause them to think about psychological aspects of painting. She meets each student where they are at, giving individualized encouragement and critique as needed. It is evident that she is an experienced teacher and would be a welcomed addition to your program.
— Lisa Snow Lady, student, professional artist
As the event coordinator for Bellevue Daniel Smith Art, I have procured Jacqui Beck to teach workshops and Demo’s for our company. I found her to be well informed about art and painting in acrylics. She is very enthusiastic, expressive, articulate, well organized and a fantastic instructor. The feedback from students that participated in her workshops and Demos was extremely favorable. I would highly recommend her to teach for any art organization.
— Suzanne MacDonald, Event Coordinator, Daniel Smith Art, Bellevue Store
Jacqui has been an exceptional teacher, a real natural. She is very knowledgeable about her subject and communicates her expertise very well. She is prepared, on time, and keeps her class focused yet fun. She is truly an inspirational instructor. She gives each student individual attention, remembers their needs and wants and is able to challenge each one. . . . I wholeheartedly recommend her to you as a workshop instructor.
— Linda Ladzick, workshop chair, Artists United of Burien