Creative Journaling workshop Description

This workshop combines Art Journaling, using a Sketchbook, Book Altering, Journaling, Poetry, and Creativity Coaching. It will be an experimental journey with many ideas you can take with you.

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Creative Journaling is all about exploration and expression without the pressure of trying to produce artwork for exhibition. It’s a private place to create, fool around, delight in, explore, and develop ideas.

Journaling can act as:

  • A way of kindling and engaging the creative process and developing ideas

  • A way to explore our stuck places and our fears about ourselves as people and artists

  • A quiet and meditative way of spending time with ourselves

  • A way of expressing ourselves with words and beyond words

Come and enjoy this opportunity for experimentation, self-reflection and replenishment.

Stretching Toward Abstraction workshop Description


This challenging, invigorating, and inspiring workshop will encourage you to experiment, loosen up, and experience a variety of ways to express yourself with acrylic paint and mixed media. We’ll explore ways to start, develop, and finish abstracted paintings. You’ll have the opportunity to experiment with techniques and composition forms that vary along the continuum between representational and non-objective art.

Topics we’ll cover include:

  • Composition & design

  • Techniques for abstracting [exaggeration, simplification, etc.]

  • Finding inspiration

  • References: painting from life, photos, and imagination

  • Creating and fostering personal meaning in your art

  • Ways to loosen up and be more creative

  • Paint and mixed media application techniques

Join this class to discover and develop ways to make your paintings more creative, contemporary, and personal.

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