Upcoming Class: Creative Journaling

I’ll be teaching a new and wonderful workshop, Creative Journaling, May 18-19 at artEAST in Issaquah.

Creative Journaling is all about exploration and expression, without the pressure of trying to produce artwork for exhibition or publication. It’s a private place to create, fool around, delight in, explore, and develop ideas.

Who is this class for? Everyone.

You don’t need to be a practicing painter, writer, sculptor, or musician. . You may be a breadmaker or forestwalker. Whatever you choose to do, you can find ways to enhance your ways of being in the world.

This workshop will include a wide variety of expressive techniques, using words and various art methods. Some of the exercises will be:  Art Journaling, Freewriting, using a Sketchbook, Book Altering, Poetry, and Creativity Coaching. It will be an experimental journey with many ideas you can take with you.

The great thing about journaling is you NEVER have to show anyone. It’s just for you. This isn’t about making something “good.” It isn’t about pleasing anyone, including your inner critics. It’s messy, mistakes are allowed — and even encouraged — as is a friendly attitude toward our imperfection. 

Journaling can act as:

Cr Journ_2_web.jpg
  • A way of kindling and engaging the creative process and developing ideas

  • A way to explore our stuck places and our fears about ourselves as people and artists

  • A quiet and meditative way of spending time with ourselves

  • A way of expressing ourselves with words, and beyond words

I invite you to join me for this Creative Journaling class on May 18th and 19th at artEAST in Issaquah. For more information visit my workshops page, and to register for the class visit https://arteast.org/product/creative-journaling/

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Creating a Carved Stamp

Check out the latest post to my YouTube Channel, where I go through the process of creating a carved stamp. It's the first video in a series to come, where I'll cover topics like stenciling, collage, monoprinting, and incorporating text into paintings.

Here is a list of supplies Jacqui used in this video:

Artist & Craftsman Supply: www.artistcraftsman.com

Speedball Linoleum Cutter Blades: 

Speedball Lino Cutter Handle

There are many brands of the material I use to make stamps. The one I tend to use most often is Speedball Speedy Cut Blocks. You might want to try several kinds to see what you like best.

Speedball Speedy Cut Blocks

Soft Kut Block Printing Material


I just wrote an article, A Creative Approach, that was published in the recent issue, #66, of The New Palette Magazine. The article is about painting a simple subject in a wide variety of ways. This article was inspired by a series of paintings I did in a Skip Lawrence workshop in March 2017.

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Palette Mag 2018_2page_web.jpg

Here are some pictures of paintings from the article:

Chair #11, 14x17

Chair #11, 14x17

Chair #1, 17x14

Chair #1, 17x14

Chair #4, 14x17

Chair #4, 14x17

Chair #6, 17x14

Chair #6, 17x14

Chair #7, 17x14

Chair #7, 17x14

And one that wasn’t in the article:

Chair #2, 17x14

Chair #2, 17x14

Unblock & Revive - Creativity Coaching

There are a lot of things that get in the way of creative expression. We all have our favorites. Some of mine are negative self-talk, not getting to the studio, and other unique forms of procrastination.

Over the years I have worked with many people to support them to discover new ways to enhance their art, writing, music, and other forms of creative expression.

I love working with people in this way. For me it is a creative process in itself to help people untangle the ways they tie themselves in knots.

We often don't support children to develop their unique forms of expression. In fact, we tend to do the opposite. Then these children grow up to be adults who have suppressed and squished their creativity until it is incredibly hard to access. The good news is, there are wonderful ways to reclaim our vibrant and wild selves.

You can read more about my creativity coaching here.

Contact me if you would like to explore this for yourself. 

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Featured Paintings at Michael Birawer Gallery, May 1 – June 2

My paintings will be on exhibit May 1 – June 2 at the Michael Birawer Gallery, a wonderful new gallery in downtown Seattle at 1003 First Avenue. Cathy Woo’s work will also be featured in May.

This series of 30”x30” paintings explore the ideas of how we get along with others, whether we feel welcome in the world, and who is welcome in our lives.

Here are some paintings that will be in this exhibit:

Getting Along with Strangers  30"x30"

Getting Along with Strangers  30"x30"

Welcome to the Party  30"x30"

Welcome to the Party  30"x30"

Contemplation with Goat  30"x30"

Contemplation with Goat  30"x30"

The Opening Reception is on Thursday May 3rd from 5 – 8. I’d love to see you there.

For more information, including a map, click here.